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Real estate business in Fenwick

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016

Real estate business in Fenwick

    Getting a hold of a good realtor is hard, and it is even harder in the case of smaller areas like Fenwick Island in Delaware. This community has some good locations, and some good homes, but when it comes to realtors, the market is same everywhere, there isn’t a big number of good realtors.

    Before we go into realtors, there is something to be said about the location. Fenwick Island has a population of around 400, and it is one of the places known as The Quiet Resorts. It isn’t completely quite and “boring” place as it happens to be across the state line from Ocean City, which is a known and lively vacation resort.

    logoIf you want to buy a property in Fenwick then the best way is to hire a realtor with either ABR aka Accredited Buyers’ representative or SRES aka Seniors real estate Specialist (if you are older than 50). You should also check what kinds of achievements or possibly rewards that realtor has. When you are checking that you can check whether there are any complains on their work by other clients.

      Not all realtors work with the same clientele or with the same type of property. Some realtors have a lot of experience, but all their work was done in big cities or in vacation spots. They will be of no help to you. What you need is a realtor who knows how to make deals in these situations, in smaller communities aka some less vacation, more retirement looking places.

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       If you want an advice about realtors in Fenwick Island area then I have to mention Long & Foster realtors. They belong to one of the largest real estate companies in the USA, and they operate solely in the area to which Fenwick Island belongs. There might be some other independent realtors that are active, but why risk, when you can work with certified professionals.logosign

Right now there aren’t too many offers in Fenwick Island, but those that exist are pretty good deals. I will list several offers found on the market, but remember, the price I present is a listing price and a good realtor will be able to lower it down a bit.

     b6bb4fdac6b63c84d4cffdcd7cb40084l-m0xd-w480_h480_q80Long & Foster real estate provided us with a beautiful 3 floors home located on 36899 Bayside Drive, and the listing price of this place is only $850 000. This house that has 6 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms was built in 1984, but it is remodeled for sale just this year. Every floor of the house has large viewing deck from which you have a view of whole Assawoman Bay.

    Another offer from this same company is 5 beds, 4 baths, 900 000 dollars worth house on a 709 Coastal Highway. This home is a good option for those that want a place that has a lot of numerous upgrades such as decks, porches and other things. Whole lot is 6 500 square feet big, and it is a good place for your family to live in.

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Fenwick’s guide – how to choose a reliable realtor in Delaware

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016

Fenwick’s guide – how to choose a reliable realtor in Delaware

Finding a good real estate agent can be a tricky and time-consuming task. If you are in a need to find a realtor in Delaware whether you are moving into a new state and you need to sell your property or you decided to buy a property in Delaware, you will need a help of a reputable agent who can meet all your demands.

Before you decide which particular Delaware real estate agency you will be using, it would be wise to reconsider few things and have all your options open.

You should look for agents whose specialty is in residential properties. They have developed special skills and knowledge of local housing market and they will give you the best advice and provide you with the adequate conditions to find a perfect house and to make the best buy.realtor_and_couple

You should pay attention to commission rates if you are planning to sell your house. The different agents will offer you different prices, but that shouldn’t be an exclusive factor when you are making your choice.

When you go to a meeting with a Delaware agent, the first thing you do is checking his credentials, and if he has a proper license for work. If he has, it will mean that he has passed the proper training and that he has reliable connections, which will benefit you the most.

Financial planning consultationIf you are more comfortable working with only one person, consider hiring an independent realtor who will suit your needs the best. As a person who wants to buy a house, you will have to look at least a dozens of houses before you make your decision and your real estate agent must be there to support you and provide you with the best possible conditions so you can make a successful purchase. But, if you are selling your house, you need to have an agent who will represent your best interest and negotiate you the best deal.

DARYou must remember that not all agents are realtors, they need to be members of the Delaware Association of Realtors, so they can call themselves like that. In order to become a realtor, an agent must meet the highest standards that this association demands. On the other hand, every agent must possess a state license so he can practice this type of work and he doesn’t have to be a member of DAR.

Review realtor’s selling history before you hire him; you will need an agent who has closed many deals, which means he will have more experience and he will be able to provide you quicker ways to sell or buy your house.sellers

With the help of a good agent, you can find really affordable property in Delaware than compared with other parts of U.S. for example http://nobleblack.com/communities/central-park-south-real-estate. Properties here are only for the deep pocket buyers.

Our website Fenwick Realtors will provide you many beneficial tips if you browse through our blog section and we always aim to satisfy our readers and give them a solution for any problem they may encounter.


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